TRON RUN/r Trophies Are All Bronze with Lone Gold and Silver

TRON RUN/r Trophies Are All Bronze with Lone Gold and Silver

The console debut of TRON RUN/r is set for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Tuesday, February 16, and now we have the trophy list for the digital download. It appears the Steam Achievements served as the basis for the trophies, as the game has been in early access on Steam but will see a full release this Tuesday. Most of the fifteen trophies are bronze, with a single gold and silver trophy both earned by gathering enough Stars.

TRON RUN/r was announced during last year’s VGAs, though you would be forgiven if you missed it during the night’s proceedings.


  • Truly Space Paranoid: Earn 96 total Stars.


  • MCP: Earn 50 total Stars


  • Jet Grind TV Style: Reach a combo of 250 in any level.
  • User Generated Uprising: Complete any Disc level without collecting over 90 Bits.
  • Dead Pixel: Do not destroy any barricades on a Disc level.
  • Your Move, Flynn: Earn 3 Stars in a Cycle level.
  • Best Companion Marv: Keep a Companion through an entire level.
  • Ridin’ Digital: Combo an entire Cycle level from beginning to end.
  • Byte Blaster: Destroy 20 barricades at once.
  • ENCOM Hacker: Complete a Disc or Cycle level with a score under 20,000 points.
  • Scuzzy Data Miner: Earn 30 total Stars.
  • Battle For The ISOs: Earn 2 Stars in a Disc level.
  • TRON 3?: Combo an entire Disc level from beginning to end.
  • Welcome Program: Change a character skin.
  • Vector Tempest: Destroy 1,000 barricades in any level.