Trophies Now Live for The Tomorrow Children, Only Eleven Total

on July 9, 2016 1:16 PM

The trophies for PlayStation 4 exclusive The Tomorrow Children have appeared online thanks to PSN Profiles. There are only eleven trophies total, split between a gold, four silver, and six bronze.

A majority of the trophies are for performing an action a certain amount of times, such as visiting towns, defeating Izvergs, and reviving comrades. The single gold trophy is for reaching level 30 and there is a bronze for reaching level 2. You can read the full trophy list below.


  • The Big 3-0: Reach Level 30.


  • Thirst For Power: Purchase VoidKa 20 times.
  • Field Worker: Visit 10 different islands.
  • Assault Leader: Defeat 200 Izverg.
  • Angel Of Mercy: Revive 100 fallen comrades.


  • Welcome To Tomorrow: Start your effort in service of the state.
  • The Scenic View: Stand at a height of 150 m.
  • Rolling Stone: Visit 10 towns.
  • Growing Up Fast: Reach Level 2.
  • Citizen’s Arrest: Trap someone with an Immobilizer.
  • Backroom Deal: Gain access to the Black Market.
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