Tropico 5 Gets its Feet Wet with New Waterborne Expansion

on December 11, 2014 8:44 PM

Kalypso Media have announced today the Waterborne expansion for Tropico 5 set to release on December 17th for $19.99

Waterborne ventures into a new industry with leader figure El Presidente desiring to spread his reign out into the sea. The expansion features water based game mechanics for the first time in the series’ history, adding new features such as water traffic and larger coastal areas for players to manage.

Players will be able to build brand new off-shore alternatives for defense, food and even housing with the Waterborne expansion. New structures can also be created like Oyster and Kelp farms, while military units like submarines can reinforce your navy for the brand new campaign the expansion adds.

You can checkout the teaser trailer for Tropico 5: Waterborne below. Tropico 5 is presently available on Xbox 360 and PC, with a PS4 version planned to release sometime in Q1 of 2015.

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