Watch Us Build a Mafia-Style Dictator in Tropico 6's Character Creation

Limbic Entertainment's Tropico 6 starts off with a character creator, making sure that your dictator's appearance and palace is how you imagined.

October 29, 2018

Sure, Tropico 6 may have nothing on the broad character customization within SoulCalibur VI.  But you have to appreciate any level of character customization within a game. Before starting our hand at a full-on Tropico dictatorship.

As you will note in the gameplay video below, I opted for a charismatic mafia-esque ruler. However, there are still some amazing options (with more to be unlocked with further gameplay and outside of the game’s Beta period). And boy is it tempting to be a Pharoh or Pirate King as you start your island off with a fresh start.

Outside of actually building a character, you may notice that you are able to determine the personality that your dictator is going to hold. I for sure went the easy route, choosing to run with a leader with charisma — a trait that offers bonus with both faction leaders and other nations. However, other personality types like being Corrupt or a Pyromaniac bring with them a different sense of danger and RNG mayhem. Likely not worth exploring on your first run, but perfect for people looking for a little more excitement in their life during sandbox mode.


Once you are done picking exactly who and how you would like to dictate, you move onto the most The Sims-esque portion of character creation: exterior decorating. Every Tropico 6 dictatorship will come with its own state building that you will rule out of, but who doesn’t want a cherry blossom tree in the backyard? Or a roof-top pool? Using the tools, I made sure the decor was slightly Wes Anderson-themed with pastel colors and tasteful opulence.

With Tropico 6‘s character creation underfoot, it was time to jump into the main campaign. As I mentioned, keep in mind that this was all captured during an active beta — in other words, expect some more polish and changes before the game’s official release in January 2019 on PC; Summer 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One. If you haven’t grabbed a pre-order for the game yet (to unlock the pre-order content), you can do that via Amazon. Meanwhile, check out the gampeplay footage below:

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