Voxel MMO Trove to Receive Heroes Update Later This Month

Voxel MMO Trove to Receive Heroes Update Later This Month

The Trion Worlds free-to-play voxel MMO, Trove: Heroes, will receive a new update on March 27, giving players the new Vanguardian expert class, Rampages, new enemies, and more.

Trove is a free-to-play title on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms, and its newest update, titled as Heroes, will drop on March 27. This particular update has taken a lot of inspiration from the Silver Age of comics and also comes with an all-new expert class.

The neon city of Luminopolis is in danger, and it is your job to save from the Amperium. You can team up with the Resistors to push against this force that is attacking the high-tech city. Mega World Bosses have been added to the new Trove update as well, adding a greater threat than the Amperium.

The Vanguardian is an expert class in Trove‘s new update, and is a symbol of virtue who uses melee and ranged attacks to effectively conquer their enemies. The new beacon system will also be added, giving players the ability to gather together and challenge massive enemies. Rampages is a new event where you and other Trovians fight against armies of large, invading monsters in a chance for loot.

The Trove: Heroes update will release on March 27 and comes out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Want to know more about what Trove is about? You can check out the console launch trailer below for a closer look at the game: