Free-to-Play MMO Trove Releases New Trailer, Receiving A New Update Coming to PS4 Next Week

Free-to-Play MMO Trove Releases New Trailer, Receiving A New Update Coming to PS4 Next Week

The Megalithic Update offers up a healthy helping of new content and improvements for Trove.

Next week on June 27, Trove is receiving a new update titled the Megalithic Update.  The update introduces a variety of new content including a new biome, a new class, several new and tweaked minigames, performance and UI improvements, and much more.

From the official Trove Forums, here is an overview of some of the new features coming to Trove with the Megalithic Update:

The Dino Tamer Class – Traveling through time from the Desert Frontier and emerging in the Jurassic Jungle, the Dino Tamer is a ravenous, ranged ruffian best equipped to survive the harsh wilderness. With the ability to use darts, snares and summon dinosaurs to attack or mount, the Dino Tamer is a player’s best bet at surviving prehistoric threats.

The Jurassic Jungle Biome – The new lush wilderness environment is full of dangerous dinosaurs and deadly dungeons. From dense jungle floor to towering canopies, the Jurassic Jungle biome features distinct enemies to fight and tons of dungeons to conquer. As players battle their way through this blast from the past, they will pick up all new styles and recipes to bring that extra retro look to the modern Trovian. If raptors with razor-sharp claws, thick-skinned triceratops tanks, or the titanic Tyrannosaurus Rex don’t eradicate them first.

Minigames – At the top of the hour, players may find a portal in the Hub leading to one of two types of minigames – Racing and Coin Collecting – which offer more options for players looking to complete Hourly Challenges. Trovians who love a creative building challenge may now also build custom minigame maps within their own Club Worlds, invite other players to try out their custom club maps and vie for high scores and bragging rights.

More Free Content – Beginning with the Megalithic Update, Trovians can log in every day and receive a daily login bonus chest just for signing into Trove. Chaos Chests will also now drop for free just by playing the game, meaning players will have even more materials to use with the brand new Chaos Crafter bench to craft new costumes, allies, mounts and Class Unlockers.

Trove originally released on PC back in July 2015 and has since been officially released for PS4 and Xbox One. The game includes fourteen playable classes and an open world filled with craftable items with environmental construction/deconstruction mechanics.

A new trailer was also just released showcasing the new content coming with the Megalithic Update, which can be viewed below.