Troy Baker Joins Summerfall Studios in Their New Lyrical Game, Chorus: An Adventure Musical

Summerfall Studios have announced their very first game 'Chorus: An Adventure Musical' and it looks amazing!

Former BioWare and Beamdog designers David Gaider and Liam Esler have finally lifted the lid on their brand new studio, Summerfall Studios which was initially co-founded in October 2018 and now we are seeing a glimpse of what the studio has lined up in their first game. The production team is a pretty great one as well with the likes of Troy Baker who will lend his knowledge as a voice director, Grammy-nominated ‘Journey’ composer Austin Wintory on the score and Laura Bailey is lined up to voice the main character, Grace. Chorus: An Adventure Musical is an adventure musical that is one part narrative-driven adventure and one part interactive musical and is inspired by the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s musical episode, “Once More With Feeling,” and Wicked.

In a compelling story of loss and self-discovery, players follow the story of Grace who assumes the role of the Muse after her bandmate is found dead granting her the divine power of song which can be used to manipulate characters and alter reality, for instance, “when someone is caught up in the melody, they may change their mind, confess to a crime or even fall in love”. It is up to you, and the direction you decide to take that will uncover how the story is told. In the midst of all this, Grace also needs to prove her innocence to the mythical gods before they take her life in exchange.

One of the many aspects of this game that drew my attention to it is the inclusion of Gods. In Chorus: An Adventure Musical, players will get to meet all types of gods and creatures of the ancient world, some terrifying while others will wield incredible magical powers. Summerfall Studios have stated that we will get to experience different locations that the gods call home that include the boardrooms of New Olympus, the Underworld nightclub, the misty halls of the Reliquary and its guardian and the Minotaur.

From the very beginning of Chorus, you will have the opportunely to pick one of three traits that consist of: Kickass (for the adventurous), Clever (for the intellectual), and Charming (for the charismatic). As you keeping playing, these traits can be leveled up or if you fancy a change you can pick a new trait. If you enjoy a little romance within the games you play, you’re in luck as throughout the course of the game, if you so choose, you can flirt, fall in love, and sing with two of your possible love interests.

To make all this possible, Summerfall Studios is looking to get $600,000 on the crowdfunding site Fig, and they are already 13 percent (at the time of writing) of the way to its goal. The project has already received start-up funding from Film Victoria, but to take it into production the studio needs more help. They hope to reach their goal which will enable the studio to add full voice acting, more musical numbers, make the game longer and more extensive, and add more romance options. If you feel like this is a worthwhile project to back, you can head over to the campaign’s webpage and help the team out by becoming a backer.

At present, Summerfall Studios have a PC-only release in mind, but if the game does well on release, they hope to bring it to mobile devices, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. As of right now, the team is looking at a 2021 launch date.

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