Troy Baker and Nolan North’s Retro Replay Show Moves to Rooster Teeth

The Let’s Play series Retro Replay from veteran video game actors Troy Baker and Nolan North has found a new home in Rooster Teeth.

Anyone who has ever touched a modern video game has surely been exposed to Nolan North and Troy Baker; the two motion capture and voice actors have played significant character roles in franchises such as Call of Duty and Infamous, but the two are most famous for their roles in Naughty Dog franchises Uncharted and The Last of Us. North and Baker formed a bond while on the fan convention circuit, and from their bond came a retro Let’s Play show called Retro Replay. After a year of shows, Retro Replay will be moving over to Rooster Teeth.

Their show isn’t exactly something we haven’t seen before; the two actors sit on a couch and play classic video games, with fun and jokes to be had. Of course, the difference is that the two guys playing video games are famous amongst the video gaming space. As the two often make the rounds at various fan conventions, it was only natural that the pair crossed paths with Rooster Teeth, which also has a presence at these conventions. From there, a courtship between the two parties led to a professional relationship.

The entire library of Retro Replay, which has Baker and North play games such as Ninja Gaiden, Ghosts N’ Goblins, Double Dragon, and even, uh, Uncharted, is now available through Rooster Teeth. As such, new episodes will hit Rooster Teeth’s platform a full day before any other medium. Anyone who already follows the show shouldn’t expect too many differences—Thursday is still the day of the week for fans to interact with the duo, for one. These are “intimate” community sessions, as Baker describes them.

Speaking of Baker, the actor has been in the headlines for trading words with Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford for his lack of a role in Borderlands 3. At the same time, the actor also wrapped up shooting scenes for The Last of Us Part II, according to his director Neil Druckmann—whether that will translate into a 2019 release is still very much up for contention internally at this site. The Discord debates are getting nasty, yo.

Should you be at Austin, Texas for RTX from July 5-7, expect to see both Troy Baker and Nolan North there to represent their show.

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