Trucker: Construction Parking Simulator is a Game Where You Park Trucks!

Trucker: Construction Parking Simulator is a Game Where You Park Trucks!

Lets file this under “weirdest game release for the week” shall we? The original Trucker had almost 5 million downloads stemming from the parking sim phenomenon that’s been on the rise in mobile gaming.

Just in case you weren’t sure what Trucker: Construction Parking Simulator is about, this is a game where you park various construction vehicles in designated spots. You’ll be scored on speed and positioning, you know, like a proper trucker!

Not sold on being a prince of parking? Take a look at the fact sheet provided from the guys from Aidem Media.

  • Bigger & Better: Two trucks, 96 levels, endless entertainment.
  • Construction Site: Brand new immersive and detailed 3D environment to explore.
  • Handle with Care: Each Truck drives and handles completely differently.
  • Time Attack: The quicker you park, the more points & stars you get!
  • Full Control: Choose your preferred controls – steering wheel, buttons or tilt control, all with adjustable sensitivity.
  • Changing View: Movable cameras for the perfect view of any obstacles in your way!
  • Young Truckers: An unlockable ‘Kids Mode’ – shorter trucks make for an easier drive!
  • Open Road: Free Drive mode for when you just want to motor around!
  • Top Trucker: Leaderboards and over 50 GameCenter achievements. Be the best!
  • iOS Optimisation: Trucker will run on anything from the iPad 1, to iPod Touch 4th Gen, even full iPhone 5 widescreen support.

I had no idea parking simulators were thing. I can imagine the quickly digestible nature of the game makes sense for people on the go. I personally suck at parking a four door sedan on a street none the less a trailer on a construction site.

Trucker: Construction Parking Simulator is now available on iOS.