True Blood Game Trademarked by HBO

on September 15, 2009 6:56 PM

I have no idea how the hell HBO is going to pull off a True Blood game with the storyline that show has, but it has been noted that a US trademark filing for a video game based on the southern vampires is, apparently, being fleshed out (get it? fleshed? No? Sorry…). Bwahahahahaha *In a Dracula voice* Anything can be done with regards to games if you stick a vampire/vampire hunter in there and some feeble foes. But, True Blood is a tad bit too romantic-ish for my ‘taste.’

No details, however, have been released on the game, or whether or not there actually will be a game.  HBO is not really known for a being a gaming conglomerate, so don’t be too upset if the game doesn’t get to see… ‘the light of day’ /end lame vampire jokes. In other news, I would love to take a bite out of that Anna Paquin (a.k.a. Sookie).

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