Try An Alpha Build of the Mecha Space Combat Sim, GoD Factory: Wingmen, For Free

on July 2, 2013 2:57 PM

Nine Dots Studio have just announced that they’ve made their 4v4 space combat arena sim, GoD Factory: Wingmen, available for public use, at this link. The game will be avaialble for the next 30 days for anyone to try, and supports the Oculus Rift (for anyone who has it already).

I previewed GoD Factory: Wingmen before, and loved it. A quick overview of what Wingmen offers can be seen below:

–  Fully customizable gunships – Each unique ship is fully customizable with different parts that can be swapped in and out for vastly different gameplay.
–  Online multiplayer – Play 4v4 online matches with friends and the community.
– Four playable species – Choose the dragon-like quadrupedal Guantri, the levitating robotic-like Chorion, the plant-like Ar Blossom, just to name a few.
– Intense tactical dogfights – Choose the best tactics for taking out each of the six integrity points of the ship, each point having an affect on gameplay.
– Multiple layers of complexity – Battles can be won in a multitude of ways, giving players the ability to create unique tactical offensive and defense strategies within their teams.
– Oculus Rift and joystick enabled – Experience flight simulation like never before.

The game is currently looking to be greenlit on Steam Greenlight and supported through its Kickstarter Campaign, and will be available for the PC, Mac, and Linux. For more details, check out all of our GoD Factory: Wingmen coverage.


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