Try Out NBA 2K15 On Steam for Free this Weekend

on October 30, 2014 8:53 PM

I can hear the feint sound of basketballs dribbling and feel that familiar sting of annual disappointment as a Milwaukee Bucks fan, because it is finally the start of the NBA season. While NBA 2K15 has had about as rough of a start of the season as Julius Randle with their online service issues on consoles, the PC version seems to be free of the same stress its servers have undergone, so why not try it out for free this weekend?

While you gorge yourself on Halloween candy and root for your home team to pick up a couple W’s, you can download and try out NBA 2K15 from Steam for free. Till Monday, you can chase a championship with Lebron, Love and Kyrie in Cleveland, rip down an aging team like the Brooklyn Nets or rebuild a franchise on the back of young talent like Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins with the Milwaukee Bucks or Minnesota Timberwolves respectively.

The game is about a 47 GB download, so be prepared to have to wait a little while to load it if your internet isn’t exactly blazing fast like Google Fiber. As someone who misses occasionally trying to build a team into a championship contender with some slick management with my current lack of a console, I might just take a peek at it myself and see what I can do with the virtual Bucks as I watch them continue to rebuild and choke in the stretch this weekend.

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