Tunic’s Extended Gameplay Video Shows Why It’s One of My Most Anticipated Indies

Tunic’s Extended Gameplay Video Shows Why It’s One of My Most Anticipated Indies

Finji has finally released the first extended gameplay video of Tunic which is the same footage that I saw earlier in the year at E3.

Earlier this year during E3, I was able to check out Tunic in a behind-closed-doors presentation and came away thrilled with what I saw. Tunic’s quiet presentation, whimsical art style, and fantastic soundtrack created an aesthetic unlike any other I’ve really seen before quickly making it one of the upcoming indie game I was most looking forward to playing.

Well today, Tunic publisher Finji released a new developer commentary gameplay video which shows off the same slice of the game that I saw back in June. Tunic’s primary developer Andrew Shouldice in addition to Finji’s Harris Foster walk you through the game’s world and introduce you to some of the main mechanics and systems that you can expect to find within. It’s pretty similar to classic games like The Legend of Zelda in a lot of ways, but it stands on its own at the same time.

This is the first actual, uncut gameplay footage of Tunic that has been released to the public so far so if you’ve been waiting to finally get an extended look, today’s your lucky day. There’s just something special about this game that I adore so much and I think after you check it out for yourself, you’ll see what I mean.

The gameplay video is attached below if you’d like to watch it. It’s a little under twenty minutes long so it shouldn’t take too long for you to view. Tunic is slated to release at some point in 2019 and when it arrives, it’ll come to PC and Xbox One.