Tuque Games’ Livelock Releases With New Launch Trailer

Tuque Games’ Livelock Releases With New Launch Trailer

Tuque Games’ cooperative top-down shooter Livelock has been made available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, published by Perfect World Entertainment.

In Livelock, players can either play solo or with two friends, defeating enemies featuring different behavioral patterns with a wide arsenal of weapons.

The game is set in the 22nd century, nearly a century after a cataclysm that devastated Earth and exterminated humanity. Group of corrupted machines named Clusters controls what remains of the planet battle among themselves over resources and anything that can be salvaged. Their battle could ultimately destroy Earth for good.

Players get to walk in the shoes of a Capital Intellect, a human consciousness uploaded into a mecha body, with the mission of fighting the clusters and break their cycle of constant war, in order to ultimately restore humanity to its righteous place.

Three different classes are available. The Hex focuses on single-target damage, relying on precise weaponry and quick repositioning to outmaneuver their enemies.

The Vanguard is a brawler armed with a devastating hammer named “anvil” (something is wrong here) among his arsenal.  He can reflect blows and hit group of enemies at point-blank around him.

The Catalyst is your friendly neighborhood pet class, commanding a squadron of drones able to deliver devastating single-target attacks, defend a point or cunleash a storm of laser fire covering a wide area.

Below you can read the official bullet points:

  • Intelligent Action: Overcome chaotic skirmishes where complete mastery of your arsenal and understanding of enemy behaviors is the key to survival.
  • Three-Player Co-op: Combine forces and coordinate with friends to take advantage of class strengths; each chassis has a distinct personality and arsenal to match.
  • Infinite War: Explore the post-cataclysmic world and attempt to revive humanity in Story Mode or fight through dynamically generated waves of enemies in Survival Mode.
  • Devastating Firepower: Combine your weaponry with devastating class-based skills. Create earth-shattering shockwaves, summon lethal automated drones, and call down searing lasers from orbit at the push of a button.
  • Firepower at your Fingertips: Create shockwaves through the earth, summon devastating drones, and call down massive lasers from orbit at the push of a button.
  • Human Intellect vs Artificial Intelligence: Turn the difficulty up to Singular and battle against an A.I. that has evolved over centuries with the sole purpose of dismantling you as efficiently as possible.

You can watch the launch trailer and a batch of screenshots below.