TurboGrafx-16 Titles Coming to NA PSN

By Matthew Jay

January 5, 2011

Last month the PSN offered players the chance to play some of their favorite classic Neo Geo AES games (or at least a couple of their favorites and a few nobody cared about) and it looks like they’re about to branch out even more. This month, Hudson will start putting TurboGrafx-16 games onto the PSN for your PS3 and PSP enjoyment. The launch titles include:

    Alien Crush
    Bomberman ’94
    Bonk’s Adventure
    Dungeon Explorer

    New Adventure Island

    Soldier Blade

    Super Star Soldier

    Victory Run

    World Sports Competition

I’m excited for Bonk’s Adventure on my PSP. I hope they add the sequels and Rondo of Blood. Yes, I already have that on my PSP with the Dracula X Chronicles game, but have you played that? Not that great a port.
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Matthew Jay

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