Turf Wars Review

Turf Wars Review

turfwars_mapThe iPhone has seen its share of tower defense and massively multiplayer online games. If you have not crossed one yet just do a quick search and you will find a plethora of them. Turf Wars is a member of the latter but it is one that stands aside from the pack and has the ability to shout names at the others because it is that addictive.

You average massively multiplayer title is typically themed with vampires, mobsters or fuzzy creatures and Turf Wars goes this route as well utilizing the gangster theme. The game is text based for the most part but it is a game of strategy and ruthlessness. You control your real-time neighborhood and work tirelessly to expand your reign over other areas via fights and running missions. You can buy weapons for your mob, buy upgrades for your turf and even get defensive upgrades for both. Everything you do in Turf Wars has an effect on your overall defense and offense in the game and your ability to control your turfs.

Turf Wars stands above the other massively multiplayer titles because it utilizes the built in GPS to actually have you take control of the area that you are standing in. So if I live in New York and have a turf there but take a drive out to California I can control different geographies. As you level up you will be allowed to control more turfs/areas which will in turn allow you to make more money off of each area. You will also be able to fight anyone that is near you via the GPS so that you can actually fight your neighbor and disrupt their fun.

turfwars_newsThe other key proponent of Turf Wars is building up your mob or inviting friends to join you. The bigger the mob you amass the more weapons they can wield and the more damage you can do to enemies. The problem with a lot of these games is that inviting people to your mob can become a second job, scouring forums and websites. Turf Wars is smart in how it handles things, it again uses the GPS and you can easily invite other players to join you by just searching for people in the area instead of having to write down awful player/mob codes.

Everything in Turf Wars is based off of a clock in-game that regenerates or amasses after a certain amount of time. You have energy to run missions that require certain weapons or equipment to complete in order to earn yourself cash and experience. You have stamina, which will allow you to attack other players which will also earn you money and experience. You have health which is your life blood and if you run to low you will not be allowed to fight. Once you begin you will be constantly checking your stats to see how much money you have earned and if you can jack someone to get more of it.

Turf Wars will get intense as you level up and grow your mob. You will need money to buy weapons but will need turfs to get money. So what do you do? Start a mob and take over a neighborhood. If you want a highly addictive, very fun title for your iPhone go download Turf Wars right now, you won’t regret it. Best of all… its free!