TurfWars Releases New Vendetta Update

on March 3, 2010 12:25 PM

TurfWars Releases New Vendetta Update

TurfWars is a location-based iPhone game that lets you claim various local points as your own and team up with and fight off other players for control of geographical territory.  Today the developers, MeanFreePath, announced that their long-awaited Vendetta update has gone live.  There is no need to update the application for this update (unless you haven’t updated in a while).  Vendettas allow a new way to compete for local resources and allow all players at level 25 or higher to use those mechanics for protection and local domination.

The new Vendetta system will drastically change the combat dynamic of the entire game.  They let you pool your mob and combat power to defend yourself from  bigger, more powerful players.  I know, when I was playing this game pretty heavily, it was difficult to defend yourself against these big guys that would come in and attack you.  You would just have to suck it up and lose, and that was no fun.  So, perhaps this new mechanic can be put to good use to even the battlefield a bit.

Vendettas let you concentrate you and your friends’ combat power on a player or group of players.  The trade-off is that you will have reduced defense against everyone else for a short time.  Vendettas expire after a certain amount of time, as well.

If you haven’t played TurfWars, it is quite the interesting experience.  You need a GPS-enabled iPhone running OS 3.0 or later.  If you want to check out more info on the game, head on over to their site and see what you can find.

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