Turn On Your Kinect and Put Your Hands in the Air, Goku Needs You!

on February 17, 2012 9:45 AM

Someone at Namco Bandai has finally answered the question everyone was thinking but no one thought to ask: when are going to get a Dragon Ball Z game that utilizes the Kinect?

Start your training, because a posting on Korea’s Game Rating Board leaked the project. There are no details other than that the game is in the works, but if you’re anything like me you’ve already started practicing your Kamehameha stance in the mirror.

I’m very interested to see how the Kinect will be used, probably to form Spirit Bombs and perhaps to execute attacks a la Wii MotionPlus for Skyward Sword. This is a pretty ingenious idea, to be honest. What better way to spend your afternoon than standing in front of your television yelling and pretending to throw spirit bombs? I’m just sayin’.

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