Twilight Imperium: Prophecy of Kings Expansion Announced

Twilight Imperium: Prophecy of Kings adds materials for up to eight players, tons of new factions, and so much more.

Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition from Fantasy Flight Games is one of the biggest board games on the market. Both from a sales and size standpoint. The box is gigantic and boasts an exceptionally long playtime even for some of the most battle-hardened players. Today, the team at FFG announced a brand new expansion for the game. Prophecy of Kings adds a ton of new content to the base game. Check out the announcement from today’s Gen Con Online stream below.

Twilight Imperium fans will know that the Fourth Edition collects some of the game’s many expansions and puts them in the base game. However, FFG is far from finished expanding the universe. Prophecy of Kings adds so much to an already bloated game. Notably, there are seven brand new factions for players to dive into. As with all of the factions, these have their own strategy and playstyle you’ll need to master to conquer the galaxy. And look, I have no idea what a “Gene-Sorcerer” is, but I sure do want to be one.

You’re also getting an expanded galaxy in the form of new system tiles. A big reason for these new tiles is that the expansion pumps up the player count to eight. One player for each hour that it will take you to finish a game of Twilight Imperium. Jokes aside, this is neat. The game already felt epic in scale, but this will take it to a completely new level. You don’t play TI expecting to get in and out quickly. Twilight Imperium is an event.

There some other bits and bobs FFG talked about, but the big thing is that you’re getting a lot more TI goodness. And you don’t have to wait long. Twilight Imperium: Prophecy of Kings is scheduled to launch this November.

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