DONTNOD's Twin Mirror's Story and Setting Details Revealed in Developer Diary

The developers at Dontnod Entertainment have released the second video in their dev diaries discussing their upcoming thriller Twin Mirror

September 9, 2018

The team over at Bandai Namco Entertainment are creating a developer diary series for its upcoming episodic game Twin Mirror and the second in the series was just released.

The video begins with Matthew Ritter, lead writer, going over some of the backstories of the game. Twin Mirror tells the story of an investigative reporter Samuel Higgs, who is returning to his hometown because of a death of a good friend. In the video, Samuel walks into a bar where some local townsman recognize him. One of them says that he would slash Samuels tires but that would mean he wouldn’t be able to leave town so it is safe to say people around there do not like him very much.

After Matthew, Pierre-Entienne Travers, art director, spoke about the location of the town. Twin Mirror will take place in Basswood, which will remind many of a small town in West Virginia. Since it was inside the Rust Belt, Basswood was historically an industrial town, but now all of the industry has vanished leaving a high level of unemployment.

He then stated how this will give a great atmosphere for a thriller because there are people living in the town, dealing with economic challenges of their own, but are still attached to their culture and origins.

Helene Henry, the narrative producer, described Twin Mirror as a noir film or at least echoes one. It is about a protagonist who is helpless and at the mercy of a bad situation not of his own making. This is the second dev diary, though the first under the official moniker. The last “dev diary” was a Production Vlog that was released just before E3.

Twin Mirror is set to release in 2019 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and possibly Nintendo Switch. You can check out the first developer diary, below:

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