Twin Mirror’s Episodic Format and Gameplay Details Unveiled at Gamescom

Twin Mirror’s Episodic Format and Gameplay Details Unveiled at Gamescom

Dontnod and Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed more about the gameplay of Twin Mirror today, and also confirmed that the game will release episodically in 2019.

Gamescom has been very eventful this year for Dontnod, as they finally unveiled Life is Strange 2. That being said, they also released a brand new trailer for Twin Mirror, which is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, and revealed more information about how Sam’s Mind Palace and “The Double” will impact gameplay.

We also learned that Twin Mirror will be released episodically throughout 2019. This is a format Dontnod is experienced in, but should still play out interestingly with this style of game. The first of three episodes of Twin Mirror will be titled Lost on Arrival and will hit in “early 2019” with the other episodes following later in the year.


During the course of Twin Mirror, players will gather information and clues in the real world before heading into Sam’s mind palace in an attempt to piece it all together. If players have enough information, they will be able to recover memories from Sam’s past, though they have to build up its power over the course of the game. Sam will also have to deal with The Double, his snarky inner voice who may not be there to always help Sam. The game’s Senior Producer Fabrice Cambounet commented on these new mechanics:

“We are very excited to reveal two of our major gameplay features for Twin Mirror here at Gamescom. We believe this is a good insight into our unique narrative approach, having gameplay features intertwined within the story we want to tell. We can’t wait for the players to uncover the secrets hidden in Twin Mirror with the first episode in 2019!

You can check out Twin Mirror’s new trailer below. The series’ first episode Lost on Arrival will hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early 2019.