Twin Mirror Paris Games Week Trailer Walks Through First Puzzle

A new trailer for Twin Mirror that premiered at Paris Games Week walks players through the early game and the first memory puzzle.

A new trailer for Dontnod’s psychological thriller game Twin Mirror premiered at Paris Games Week that walks you through the first puzzle of the game.

Protagonist Sam Hayes returns to his hometown of Basswood in the American rust belt to attend the funeral of his best friend.

The Double accompanies him on his journey. This alter-ego shows the self-confidence he doesn’t have as well as instincts of self-preservation and protection. As expected, this projection of himself, but altered, brings about many comments comparing it to Fight Club in which Tyler Durden represents everything the narrator wishes he was. In this case, The Double is less anarchistic and more of a wise-ass. The focus on a small town in America, as well as the title being Twin Mirror, also draws comparisons to “Twin Peaks”, which similarly focused on a cast of a small town following a murder.

Sam blacks out the night of the funeral and finds a bloody shirt that belongs to him. He can enter a memory realm in which he pieces together the series of events using clues in the real world as well as interacting with highlighted sections of the memory realm to recreate the sequence of events. His investigation into his own blackout leads him into other mysteries plaguing Basswood and determine who can be trusted and who can’t.

The first episode for Twin Mirror, “Lost on Arrival” coming in 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with more updates coming closer to its launch. This will be Dontnod’s first partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment and the next major IP from the studio following their popular Life is Strange series which recently launched its first episode of the second season.

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