Efecto Studios Announces Alpha Registration for Competitive Twin-Stick Strategy Game Decoherence

Efecto Studios, one of the developers behind ARK: Survival Evolved, has announced development of its first original IP, Decoherence, a competitive twin-stick shooter.

on August 16, 2017 8:29 AM

Colombia-based independent developer Efecto Studios announced the development of a new title today. As one of the studios notably involved in the development of ARK: Survival Evolved and Dark and Light, Efecto Studios has revealed that its next title is a twin-stick competitive shooter titled Decoherence.

Efecto has not revealed much about Decoherence just yet, but it seems the team is hesitant to simply peg the game as a twin-stick shooter. Although that is apparently a major element of the gameplay, the game is primarily a strategy title. Players will construct robots, placing them around an arena and configuring them to fight alongside you against your opponents team of robots.

Decoherence marks the first time Efecto Studios has developed an original IP, as it has primarily worked with other development studios in the past. According to CEO and co-founder of Efecto Studios Eivar Rojas, this mode of breaking into the industry has been rewarding for the team.

“We can only be grateful to be here. We suggest that other studios learn as much as they can from co-developing with the best possible partner studios they can find, so that later they can put those lessons (and saved money) into practice and become their own client. It’s a path as challenging as it is satisfying.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Decoherence, Efecto Studios is currently welcoming gamers to register for the first round of alpha testing. For more information on Efecto Studios, visit the developer’s website.

For now, the only image we have on Decoherence is the lone image below.

Efecto Studios Announces Alpha Registration for Competitive Twin-Stick Strategy Game Decoherence

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