Twin-Stick Shooter Demon’s Crystals Headed to PS4 and Xbox One May 12; New Trailer Released

The twin-stick shooter Demon's Crystals from Byte4Games has been officially announced for consoles. The game is scheduled to release on Xbox One and PS4 on May 12.

on May 4, 2017 11:44 AM

Byte4Games announced today that its twin-stick shooter, Demon’s Crysals, will be launching on PS4 and Xbox One on May 12, 2017. Originally released on PC in April 2016, this is the first time the game has seen a console release. The game is scheduled to launch with a price tag of €4.99 / $4.99 / £3.99. In addition to the console release announcement, we also received a new trailer, which can be seen below.

If this is your first time hearing about Demon’s Crystals, here is a brief description of the game and its features:

Featuring eight different game modes, Demon’s Crystals colourful visuals, addictive co-op action, and intense arcade gameplay are sure to leave a lasting memory on twin-stick shooter fans. Controlling your Urican is as simple as pointing your character in the right direction – and shooting! New weapons and power-ups are auto-equipped as you find them – and they’ll expire when you run out of time. Be mindful of your surroundings, shoot to kill and make the most of each equipped weapon and power-up to give the horde some lasting, painful memories.

Key Features:

  •   Battle wiry skeletons, lumbering ghouls, wicked wraiths, and fearsome bosses at the end of each world!
  •   Equip dozens of weapons ranging from a powerful missile launcher, shot multipliers, mysterious blue force assistants, and more.
  •   Pick up special power-ups such as bullet time, winged boots, ice runes, blue mushrooms to get an edge over your enemies.
  •   Dodge hidden traps and rely on the destructible environment to survive.
  •   8 game modes that includes single player, local and co-op multiplayer.

Demon’s Crystals is scheduled to release on PS4 and Xbox One May 12, 2017. The game is currently available on PC via Steam for $4.99.

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