Twisted Metal Box Art Revealed, David Jaffe Asks for Opinions on the Back Art

David Jaffe has posted the official box art for the upcoming Twisted Metal on his blog after he learned that GameStop had uploaded a version on their site and I have to say it’s pretty snazzy looking. Featuring Sweet Tooth in all his glory, I honestly feel like if I saw this on the shelf with no prior knowledge I would loudly exclaim “Holy crap they still make Twisted Metal games?!” then promptly look at the back, and this is where you come in.

Jaffe has also posted a few variants of possible images for the back of the box and is asking for opinions on which one looks the best. I personally like the first one the best but I find this interesting as while I’ve never put much thought into the art on the back of the box, it does make what is truly the first experience with the game if you’re unfamiliar with it and needs to have the right impact.

Check out our own Emily Putscher’s hands-on preview of the title from earlier this year if you find yourself wondering what this new Twisted Metal is all about and get excited to rejoin the series after however many years it’s been for you…for me, too long.

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