Twisted Metal Has Two Goals

Twisted Metal, which is scheduled to hit the PS3 in October, has been a nostalgic gamers dream ever since it was announced. The returning franchise is set to reclaim the combat racing style that it experienced on the PS1 & PS2. Along with that hope, the game’s creator, David Jaffe, has two specific goals for the title. First and foremost, Mr. Jaffe hopes that people will fall in love with Twisted Metal’s world like its creators.

“I want people to fall in love with this dark, twisted, weird world as much as we do.”

The next goal for Twisted Metal is for gamers to discover what made the original Twisted Metals so great. Jaffe hopes people will realize the depth at which the game operates that resembles “classic multiplayer games.” To get the full scoop on the latest Twisted Metal, head on over to the U.S. PlayStation Blog and enjoy all the carnage goodness.

[U.S. PlayStation Blog]

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