Twisted Metal is Too Hot for 2011, Delayed into 2012

I’ve got good and bad news for fans of Eat Sleep Play’s upcoming PS3 exclusive combat racer Twisted Metal. The bad news is the game has been delayed until next year. The previously confirmed October 25th release date has been moved to early next year. While that is indeed pretty bad news, the good news is fairly legit. The developers want to make the game even better than it apparently already is and so they’re taking the extra time to refine it. Here’s what series creator David Jaffe had to say:

Now, if we shipped Twisted Metal tomorrow – going off the response from folks who have played it – I assure you, it would never be a bad game. Not even close. But with Twisted Metal we plan to ship a multiplayer classic. We plan to ship the best Twisted Metal ever made.

Jaffe also references an awesome Miyamoto quote: ‘A late game is only late until it ships. A bad game is bad until the end of time.’ I’m not a gigantic Twisted Metal fan or anything, but this guy sounds dedicated to making the title the very best it can be. You have to appreciate that kind of quality when Capcom can drop a revision of a game nine months after the initial release and pack it with content that should have been in the first one. Stay tuned for firm release details.

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