Twisted Wonderland Characters Tier List And Best Cards To Get Reroll

Here are the best cards in Twisted Wonderland

January 21, 2022

Disney Twisted Wonderland is available now in English, and many fans are wondering about the characters tier list and the card reroll meta of this new gacha JRPG – here’s what you must know, some tips, and food for thought.

Disney Twisted Wonderland was just released in English this January 20, 2022. There are many tier lists from the Japanese community, but none on the English version seeing it was just released. With no Beta Test beforehand. As such, keep in mind all the data below is from the Japanese version and might be slightly different.

Cards Rarity, characters tier list in Twisted Wonderland explained

Twisted Wonderland is a game mainly targeted toward female otaku, with pretty boys based on the traits and stories of Disney villains. Each separated into dorms. The game has turn-based JRPG elements, with different versions of the characters in R, SR, and SSR rarity. SSR is the rarest and strongest card rank. Note that there are only 8 different SSRs in the tutorial gacha, and you can’t get more than one.

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S tier character cards

  • Leona SSR Dorm Uniform
  • Riddle SSR Dorm Uniform

These SSR versions of Leona Kingscholar and Riddle Rosehearts are the best cards to start with according to the Japanese Twisted Wonderland community. They’re the two cards with the best stats in the game. Stop rerolling if you get one of these.

A tier character cards

  • Jack SSR Dorm Uniform
  • Trey SSR Dorm Uniform

Trey Clover is one of the strongest characters for Defense battles thanks to his healing skill. Jack Howl has one of the best attack buffs in the game and a strong guard skill.

B tier character cards

  • Ruggie SSR Dorm Uniform
  • Cater SSR Dorm Uniform

These are good and you should be happy if you get them too.

C tier character cards

  • Deuce SSR Dorm Uniform
  • Ace SSR Dorm Uniform

You should reroll if you get these.

Should you care about the tier list and meta in Twisted Wonderland?

Personally speaking, I strongly believe you shouldn’t bother caring about tier lists when playing a game like Twisted Wonderland. It’s not the kind of gacha game where the incentive to play is collecting more and stronger characters.

Similarly with Genshin Impact, where I don’t believe the meta matters, the main appeal here is to experience the story. I’ve barely ever seen my friends playing Twisted Wonderland ever talk about the meta and whatnot.

In my opinion, you should reroll and focus on pulling for your favorite characters. If you don’t have any favorite yet, focus on those who look the most appealing to you, regardless of the meta. Or else you’ll get tired of the game very quickly. Each character follows specific archetypes so it’s easy for otaku to get what kind of characters they are at a first glance.

Make your own tier lists and share them with your friends

Last but not least, if you’d like to rank your favorites with your friends: note that Tier Maker has a Twisted Wonderland tier list out now.

Disney Twisted Wonderland includes character designs and scenario by Yana Toboso, the mangaka of Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji). This is one of the many reasons why it became one of the most popular games in Japan. A Twisted Wonderland anime adaptation is also planned for a Disney + release, but has no date yet.

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