Twister for Kinect Requires No Tedious Setup, Retains Awkward Participation Factor

Remember when you would break out the ol’ Twister board during parties in hopes of bumping with someone of the opposite sex you were trying to “get with” (Kids still call it that, right?) Or maybe you just wanted to get comfortable with your boo. Whatever the case, it looks like Hasbro and Majesco games have brought that same mentality to the Xbox 360 and Kinect with Twister Mania.

The title incorporates myriad mini-games to the Twister formula. Many of the games on the disc require you to team up with a friend — or potential mate — to make certain shapes using your silhouettes, from elephants to butterflies. Check out the trailer after the jump for some more examples. Twister Mania will drop Nov. 1 and MSRP for $49.99.

Geez, Majesco sure makes a point to tell you that you shouldn’t play beyond your own physical limitations in the disclaimer that runs in the video. It’s like they don’t want to get sued if you suffer debilitating injuries when you try to impress your friends with your crazy awesome Twister moves.

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