Twitch Responds to Community Backlash After Running Ads for Streaming Events from Ninja and Pokimane

Twitch Responds to Community Backlash After Running Ads for Streaming Events from Ninja and Pokimane

After running ads for high-profile streaming events from creators like Ninja and Pokimane, Twitch will be turning away from this practice.

As one of the biggest hubs for streaming around the world, Twitch has become the home of several content creators and industry icons worldwide such as Ninja and more. However, the streaming platform has addressed that it will turn away from a recent practice it has tested in light of community backlash: advertisements for high-profile streams from some of the platform’s biggest content creators.

In the past month or so, Twitch has run advertisements for notable streaming events coming from some of its most well-known creators, with the two biggest examples being the New Year’s Eve stream that was being hosted by Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. However, more recently Twitch did the same practice by advertising a Fortnite Pro Bowl stream last weekend that was being hosted by Imane Anys, known worldwide as “Pokimane.”

In these two cases, the Twitch community reacted harshly to the idea of having advertisements being run for other streams, as the practice was seen in a negative light by most creators because it would encourage their audiences to be driven away by much larger streams.

In response to the larger outcry against ads being run for streams from other creators, Twitch provided a statement on its Twitter page that its original intention for these ads were to “help spotlight exciting events taking place on-site with some of our creators,” and cited that they were with “good intentions” for the broader community.

However, Twitch explained that given that the ads “unintentionally created a potentially negative impact with our efforts,” the company detailed that it would no longer run advertisements moving forward “for on-site events and/or creators that potentially drive your viewers to other Twitch channels.”

While the initial idea for ads for other streams may have had the intention of bringing a deeper sense of community among content creators on the platform as a whole, obviously the community saw things differently (not without reason). While this may have been a small blemish on Twitch’s intention, it’s at a least a step in the right direction while the company (presumably) may try to find another way to balance community with commerce.