‘Blind Playthrough’ Tag Removed From Twitch Following Feedback

‘Blind Playthrough’ Tag Removed From Twitch Following Feedback

The decision to remove the 'blind playthrough' tag from Twitch has been praised by advocates for disabled gamers

In an attempt to make Twitch more inclusive to its growing, diverse audience of gamers, the term ‘blind playthrough’ has been removed as a tag option. The term has been regarded as ableist, and will be replaced by the tags ‘first playthrough’ or ‘no spoilers.’

Twitch’s director of community and creator marketing Erin ‘Aureylian’ Wayne announced the change on Twitter. She also suggested that streamers use the two replacement tags in conjunction to get the same message across.

The move from Twitch has been praised by prominent disabled gamers. Steve Saylor, the media editor of Can I Play That? said on Twitter that the decision to change the term “is not SJW’s being super sensitive.” Saylor went on to say that, although he is not offended by the tag he does “think it’s a term that can go away. Language changes over time, so let it.”

Steven Spohn has also touched on this topic in the past. Spohn, the chief operating officer of the Able Gamers Charity, said in a thread this past June that the term “Can easily be replaced by saying ‘No spoilers play through’ or ‘undiscovered’ or ‘first’ (if it is your first). A blind playthrough would be to turn your monitor off, and that’s not what most mean.”