Twitch Plays Pokemon; Gets Democratic Options As it Celebrates 750,000 Viewers

February 19, 2014

Twitch Plays Pokemon has become wildly popular over the last week, earlier today reaching more than 750,000 concurrent viewers. The creator has now added a new voting option to the game, perhaps trying to create some sense of order in the anarcy of the game.

Fittingly, these two game modes are titled “Anarchy” and “Democracy.” Anarchy keeps the core insanity of Twitch Plays Pokemon intact, where players spam commands into the chat which are then inputted into the game.

Democracy on the other hand means that players vote for the next action to input. This input can also be added multiple times, so players can request that Red move 3 tiles up with “up3.” The highest voted command is then performed by the game. While this does slow down the game, it also means that movement input is less random, something that is likely to be crucial in some of the movement puzzles.


The game swaps between the Anarchy and Democracy game modes through a new voting system. If either mode recieves 75% of the votes that the other mode has, the game will automatically swap. Currently this is leading to people spamming “Democracy” or “Anarchy” in chat, in addition to the general commands.

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