Twitch's PlayStation 4 App Gets Major Overhaul in New Update

Twitch's PlayStation 4 app has finally received an update, and it changes the look of the app a ton, as well as adds a new preview feature.

If you use the Twitch app on PlayStation 4 a ton then you may be in for a huge change the next time you boot up the application. Today, the streaming giant released a brand new update for the app and it changes and adds a ton of features.

The biggest change found in update 1.21, is the ability to preview live streams at almost any time. Whenever you highlight over streams, channels, recordings, or recommended games, you’ll now see a preview of the livestream playing in the background, albeit with no sound so that different streams are blaring in and out as you try and search for something.

Nothing else in the app has changed in terms of functionality, however, everything will look a lot more crisp, smooth, and contemporary.

PlayStation 4 players should be able to download update 1.21 right now, so if you keep your console in rest mode, it should already be done. Twitch also confirmed that the Xbox One version of the app will be receiving the same update in the coming days, but it’s unknown when exactly it will arrive.

Tanner Pierce

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