Twitch Rivals and Maximilian Respond To MKX Lives Tournament Being Postponed

The event will be postponed to a later date.

Unfortunately for fans and competitors, the Twitch Rivals Mortal Kombat X Lives Tournament has been postponed following players reportedly getting DDOS’d during the event.

Twitch Rivals and host, Maximilian, have since released statements surrounding the harassment of players and are working on rescheduling the event to a later date. You can find both responses in the article below.

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Twitch Rivals: Mortal Kombat X Lives

Mortal Kombat X Lives! is a Twitch Rivals Tournament hosted by Twitch streamer Maximilian on his own channel. Participants were battling it out against each other in the popular title, Mortal Kombat X, in order to see who was the best.

The event kicked off on Monday, May 24, and fans were just about to witness the top 8 competitors battle it out when the event was brought to a screeching halt.

Organisers of the event were made aware of ongoing DDOS attacks being made to the competitors via Twitter, and they decided it was best to abruptly end the event and re-schedule for a later date.

The attack was taking place on multiple Twitch streams, with some streamers even having their addresses shown in their chat.

Why people go to these lengths to destroy events is unknown, but we hope the event is able to get back up and running soon.

Twitch Rivals & Maximilian Statement

The official Twitter account for Twitch Rivals released a statement following the attacks stating:

“We do not condone harassment of any kind on Twitch, and we have paused ttoday’s Max Present: MKX Lives! Twitch Rivals tournament to ensure the safety of our participants. The top 8 phase of the tournament will be rescheduled for a later date.”

Unfortunately, an exact date has yet to be revealed by the Twitch Rivals team, with no indication as to how soon it could be. Ensuring the safety of the participants is of course the top priority before the event gets going again.

Meanwhile, the host of the Mortal Kombat X event, Maximilian, released the following statement from his Twitter account:

“Hey all! Apologies for the sudden delay of our Twitch Rivals MKX Lives event. We got down to a top 8 but sadly had to postpone those matches due to some unforeseen circumstances outside of our control. The crew is working hard on making sure the event continues at a later date.”

Fingers crossed that the event can get back underway quickly and safely in the coming days/weeks.

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