Twitch Announces September's Free Games for Prime Members

There's a bunch of free games available to Twitch Prime members and they're available from now through September 30--all you've got to do is click.

Between PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, and Twitch Prime, there’s a lot of free games being handed out. There’s no guarantee that they’ll be great every month, nor that you’ll ever even play them, but I never complain about free games. September’s free games for Twitch Prime members have been announced.

From now until September 30, Prime members can claim the following games by visiting and clicking the crown in the top right-hand corner.

The Adventure Pals

Here’s a platformer from developer Massive Monster. It’s a great pickup if you love anything that looks like Castle Crashers, or if you just enjoy adventuring with a giraffe.

Guild of Dungeoneering

I’ve been getting back to regular meetings with my party and our campaign is going, well, pretty poorly since our paladin keeps rushing head-first into encounters. If you’d rather just DM, Guild of Dungeoneering allows you to create your own dungeon and equip your hero to navigate it in order to restore the guild to its former glory.


Think of it like a 2D version of Max Payne. It’s got the same noir themes and it’s usually dark and rainy. Gunpoint allows you to interact with traps, cameras, and guards in order to sneak through some high-security buildings in this puzzle game from 2013.

The Original Strife

Built on the Doom 3D Engine, this is one for the books. It’s regarded as the original FPS-RPG game and you can nab this remastered version of the ’96 classic through September 30.

Pumped BMX

There are more than 500 levels in this stunt-trick combo game. Oh and you can customize your outfits too.

Again, these might not be the highest-priority games on your “to-play list,” but all you need to do to claim them is click a button. It’s not like you have to sign in to your Xbox Live and navigate to the game on the store page. The next time you’re watching a streamer on Twitch just click on the crown in the top-right corner and these games are yours.

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