Twitch Streamer Plays as Ryu and Roy in Super Smash Bros for Wii U

on June 13, 2015 5:53 PM

Before reading go below and pause the Twitch videos before they start blasting out your speakers at the same time. Done? Good, now enjoy:

More and more evidence is piling up that Ryu and Roy will indeed be revealed for Super Smash Bros. during tomorrow morning’s Nintendo Direct. The most recent examples are now videos of Ryu in action, streamed by Twitch user crediar, whose only archived videos are recent streams of the unreleased characters¬†in action.

In the video Ryu faces off against Captain Falcon on the familiar Battlefield stage. Halfway through that video (9:00 minute mark) Roy appears to fight Luigi on the Ryu stage. Most of the time is spent bashing the CPU characters in order to show off the moveset of each character. Roy’s Smash attack is a huge sword slash, while Ryu will perform a powered up Hadoken or super uppercut. You can watch crediar in action as he streams off and on below.

Watch live video from crediar on Twitch

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