Twitch TV is Handing Out Ban Notices as a Result of Inappropriate Content Being Streamed

on November 24, 2013 4:49 PM

Twitch TV is by far one of the best inventions for streaming video games, they provide for a visual walk-through and in my case watching someone play a game helps me decide whether I would like to purchase it for myself. However, since the launch of the PlayStation 4, some people have taken to Twitch TV to display things non-related to video games, including a man who stripped his wife completely nude and a multitude of other inappropriate nonsense.

Proving some people just can’t have nice things, Twitch TV has recently started to send out ban notices to users streaming inappropriate content from the PlayStation 4 Playroom; reminding all of us that X-Rated content is against the Twitch’s terms of service. They even sent out this friendly reminder.

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