Twitter Outburst Sparks More “Always Online” Rumors for Next Xbox

Twitter Outburst Sparks More “Always Online” Rumors for Next Xbox

Don’t like the idea of the next Xbox being always online? According to Creative Director at Microsoft Studios Adam Orth you should probably just “deal with it”.

In an interesting twitter sequence he made light of the issue both on his own and in a conversation with BioWare Senior Gameplay Designer Manveer Heir. You can see the tweets below (ourtesy of NeoGaf‘s user shinobi602), since Orth’s account has since gone private.

NextBoxTweets (3)
NextBoxTweets (4)NextBoxTweets (2)After the conversation Mr. Orth actually stated that he was just “personally trolling” Manveer Heir, so what he said should be taken with the usual tablespoon of grains of salt. 

NextBoxTweets (1)

A funny tidbit following this whole debacle is that Microsoft’s Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business Aaron Greenberg was questioned on the issue by a fan, and he claimed not to know Adam Orth at all.

— Aaron Greenberg (@aarongreenberg) April 5, 2013

Of course this should be classified as a simple rumor until something is confirmed officially. Mr. Orth claimed to be trolling and for all we know it may very well be true (while not exactly smart). Also, even if we consider this “Always Online” rumor to be solid, we really don’t know what it implies. As our Joel stated in a recent article, it may easily have nothing to do with what most people think it is.

As usual, we’ll have to wait and see. Fun, is it not?