Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Fire Emblem: Twitter Reacts to the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct

on June 12, 2018 1:20 PM

We’ve come to the end of our “Twitter Reacts to E3 2018” posts! Today’s Nintendo Direct sure was a doozy. On the community team, we checked out twitter and watched along with the official Dualshockers discord for some hot takes on the event. One thing is for sure: we learned a lot of details about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Here’s how the community reacted to today’s Nintendo Direct:

Again, you get the idea. There was a heavy focus on Smash Bros. Ultimate. That said, there was also a ton of other news.

If you missed any of it, here’s all you need to know:

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Scott Meaney is the Community Director for DualShockers. You can find him pretty much all the time on twitter, facebook, twitch and in the official DualShockers Discord channel.