Two All-New Mario Kart Drivers Join the Race

Two All-New Mario Kart Drivers Join the Race

Nintendo Power has revealed that two new drivers will be joining the Mario Kart 7 roster and it’ll be their first appearance in the series. For the first time ever, Wiggler and Honey Queen will be playable in a Mario Kart game. How exciting is that? A little obscure, yes, but I think their presence will liven up the mood (even more so) with their silly looks.

If you don’t know who Wiggler is, he’s the dude in Super Mario World back on the Super Nintendo who would get red and angry if you stepped on his back just once. Cute and cuddly at first glance, but downright evil once you mess with him. In short, don’t mess with Wiggler, especially this time when he’s behind the wheel!


Honey Queen is a bit lesser known character to some of the older crowd as she made her debut in the Super Mario Galaxy series back in 2007. In Galaxy, Mario, in his honey bee form, would crawl around her and collect stuff on her furry, planet-sized body. Now, in appropriate size of course, Honey Queen is licensed to drive and should be a fierce female driver. Peach may be a princess, but Honey is a Queen!

Who else will be joining the Mario Kart roster? It’s anybody’s guess the way this has been going. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Warp Pipe ended up being the next character. We’ll see… Mario Kart 7‘s release is still a month and change away.