Two Days in, Kinect-less Xbox One’s Pre-Orders Aren’t Exactly Selling Like Hotcakes at Major Retailers

Two Days in, Kinect-less Xbox One’s Pre-Orders Aren’t Exactly Selling Like Hotcakes at Major Retailers

Whenvever a hotly anticipated console or game gets made available for pre-order, they immediately shoot at least near the top of the best selling charts of large retailers like Amazon or GameStop, thanks to the fact that those charts are results of weighed average based on time, so recent pre-orders or purchases count more than older ones.

The Xbox One option without Kinect has been made available for pre-order exactly two days ago. Is it going like the proverbial hotcakes? Not exactly, at least not on Amazon and GameStop in North America and Europe.

On the North American branch of Amazon the new camera-less console is currently ranked 103rd, actually beaten by the option with Kinect (89th) and the Titanfall bundle (33rd).

Things are going a bit better in Canada (where the new bundle is actually cheaper than a PS4). The kinect-less box is currently in 48th place, but it’s still way behind the Titanfall bundle in 13th position.

The situation gets dire in the UK, where the Xbox One without Kinect is ranked 2,489th, abundantly beaten by the Titanfall bundle (58th) and the standard edition with Kinect (128th).

In Germany things aren’t much better, with the One without the camera ranked 615th, left in the dust by the Titanfall bundle (93rd), the FIFA 14 bundle (195th) and even the standard edition (565th).

Moving on to GameStop, things get better again in the US, even if the performance is far from stellar, with the console ranked 49th. At least here it’s the best performing between its peers.

On EBGames Canada (the local branch of GameStop) I just got tired of scrolling down after 5 minutes, so I had to narrow it down to Xbox One products only, where the Kinect-less console is ranked 58th, beaten soundly by the version with the camera.

On GameStop UK the situation was very similar, and again I had to narrow the search down to Xbox One products to have any hope of finding the new option before getting too old to be able to operate the mouse wheel. In fact it was ranked dead last between the Xbox One producs.

On GameStop Italy things weren’t as dire (barely), with the Kinect-less console ranked 82nd between Xbox One products only. Again, I had to give up scrolling down to it in the general ranking.

On the other branches of the two retailers the option wasn’t available yet.

While it’s doubtless that the new Kinect-less Xbox One will help driving sales of the console to some extent, as more options are always a good thing commercially, customers don’t seem to be exactly assaulting the barricades in order to pre-order one.