Two Heads Are Better Than One

After receiving my Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare, I had one question that was lingering in the back of my mind. I used my download code, played the game, and ran around with my night vision goggles on. The one thing I had not done, was find good uses for my Soap MacTavish head. So with this taken into consideration, I have a nice list of some fun, and somewhat pathetic, uses for the Soap MacTavish head (Other than using it as a boring stand).

5. Home security – If you are going on a long vacation and no one will be home, at least you know that you can count on Soap to keep the house safe. With some light timers and a carefully made dummy, you can place your Soap head on top add a wig and there you go. The perfect means of keeping thieves away from your house, ultimately protecting your mountains of games while you are away.

4. Makeshift Trashcan – While playing hours and hours of Modern Warfare 2, there will be many snacks consumed, and with the trashcan in the other room, we need a solution. It’s a good thing we have this hollowed-out Soap Mactavish head because we can throw those pesky wrappers away in the head until the match ends, then we can properly dispose of that trash. If you need to know, Soap hates litter and will even give his own body to help keep the world a litter-free place.

3. Never eat alone again – Soap MacTavish knows a thing or two about being a reliable friend, and friends don’t let friends eat alone. Now you can set the table for two, because Soap MacTavish loves fancy candlelit dinners at home with his best friend (yes, that’s YOU). Although he is very quiet and reserved while he eats, his presence can make any lonely dinner into a party. Also, you should always bring Soap MacTavish along, just in case if you get stood up on a date, you don’t want to look like the loser who got stood up, you want to look like the guy/girl cool enough to bring Soap MacTavish to dinner.

2.  Art Project – The Soap MacTavish head comes in drab gray, and I feel that it could use a little bit of a makeover. If you have a great artistic talent, then the Soap MacTavish head is the perfect means of practicing ones ability to paint and or decorate. Think of that gruff, mean son of a bitch that is Soap MacTavish, but painted pink and covered in glitter, how fabulous!

1. Stash – I feel that the ultimate, and most practical, use for the Soap MacTavish head would have to be a stash. The head presses down on a flat stand and the head is hollow, so that leaves a nice amount of space to stash things that you may not want others to find. Just think about it, a fake head with hundred dollar bills stuffed inside. I will say that I do not condone the stashing of “illegal” items, but I don’t judge either.

Hopefully this has provided some interesting uses for the Soap MacTavish head that came in the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2. Just remember, if you use your imagination, any everyday boring item can turn into something fun or unique. (I also think that this article has the most separate uses of the name Soap MacTavish)

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