Two New Dota 2 Treasures Are Now Available

on August 7, 2016 8:03 AM

As the initial group stage of Dota 2‘s International 2016 comes to an end, Valve has announced the release of two new treasures, Lockless Luckvase and Trove Carafe. These treasures come complete with new immortal items as well as accompanying achievements to level up your compendium. The Lockless Luckvase contains unique items for Bounty Hunter, Lion, Silencer and Wraith King, as well as the chance to obtain a rare Krobeling courier.

The Trove Carafe also contains items for Pudge, Nyx, Centaur, Dazzle and Drow Ranger, and a unique courier by the name of Beetlejaws the Boxhound. Each treasure also gives the opportunity to unlock a golden Trove Carafe, which when opened gifts you with a golden equivalent of one of the immortal items from that set.

To earn the relevant achievements, you must purchase five Trove Carafe and four Lockless Luckvase treasures. Doing so will reward you with a total of 8000 points, which will upgrade your compendium by eight levels. However as each treasure costs £3.00/$3.99, the price of upgrading your compendium by eight points, and obtaining each of the unique items, will cost approximately £27.00/$36.00 in total. You can also purchase digital autographed editions of each treasure which raises the individual price to £3.80/$4.99.