Two New Screens Give Us A Taste of The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2

Two New Screens Give Us A Taste of The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2

For those of you still waiting for any kind of news on the second episode of The Wolf Among Us, Telltale Games has released two new screenshots, which shows off a character FABLES fans should recognize, and one that they may not.

The first screenshot, which you can view above, shows off Jack, a composite fable character who is both Jack Be Nimble, Jack Horner, the Jack who climbed up the beanstalk, the Jack of Jack and Jill, Jack Frost, Jack O’Lantern, and even more others. He’s known in the comic series for being a bit of a con man, one that gets into quite a bit of trouble over his schemes and antics.

The second screen, which you can view below, shows off the Pudding & Pie club, an underground establishment where Bigby seems to be ready for a little interrogation, perhaps of a particular pimp from the first episode?

Telltale Games has sent out a thank you on the Telltale Blog, for fans playing the first chapter of The Wolf Among Us and for patience in waiting for the second episode, Smoke & Mirrors. They also promise the episode will be “full of surprises” and that an update on its release will follow soon after the holidays.

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