Two Point Hospital is Coming to Consoles in Late 2019

Two Point Hospital makes the move to consoles where it will increase its vast hospital empire.

When Two Point Hospital released on Linux, Mac, and PC at this time last year, it was met with critical success and solid commercial sales. Since then, the game has received a few DLC additions and had its developer acquired by SEGA. Now the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Watch the announcement trailer below.

Two Point Hospital is the spiritual successor to the PC classic Theme Hospital. In fact, the game’s developer Two Point Studios was founded by two people who worked at Theme Hospital developer Bullfrog Productions. And it shows in the aesthetics, gameplay, and overall quality of Two Point Hospital.

As the manager of a hospital, it is your job to build it from the ground up. You’ll hire staff, construct facilities, and find ways to cure various diseases. All done in a charming, whimsical art style that is sure to leave you chuckling at the somewhat dark humor. It’s a fun package that works whether you’re an old fan of the Bullfrog games or experiencing their style for the first time.

It will interesting to see how the experience is translated to the consoles. Obviously, the developers are very talented and their acquisition by SEGA hopefully means they’ll have all the resources they need. I’m confident they can pull it off and deliver a quality experience across the three platforms.

Two Point Hospital will be out on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in late 2019. The game is currently out on Linux, Mac, and PC if you can’t wait.

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