Two Point Hospital Console Date Possibly Revealed on Microsoft Store

A release date might have been revealed for Two Point Hospital after a listing appears on the Microsoft Store for the Xbox One version.

November 26, 2019

While Two Point Hospital originally launched on PC last year, the game was slated for a console release for 2019 but ended up being delayed while the developers worked on optimizing the game for consoles. Essentially Two Point Studios delayed the Theme Hospital successor so that they could deliver a better experience for console users. As spotted by True Achievements, it seems as if the console version will be landing in February, well, the Xbox One version anyway.

According to a release date that’s now listed on the games Microsoft Store page, Two Point Hospital will apparently be arriving on Xbox One on February 25, 2020. While this listing isn’t official confirmation, it also only reveals the Xbox One versions release date. The dates for PS4 and Nintendo Switch might be different.


Specifically, the Xbox One store states that Two Point Hospital will come in at 100.84 MB and is said to include 4K Ultra HD support and achievements. There’s no information suggesting that the console version will include any previously released PC DLC and content.

For those unaware, Two Point Hospital is a hospital management simulator that allows the player to build a hospital, manage their funds, and treat numerous patients with various odd illnesses. There are various hospital grounds scattered around the world which act as levels, each one bringing different challenges to face such as one introducing an earthquake that damages equipment, and another introducing an outbreak.

The game is currently only available on PC but is due to land next year for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. While we’ve seen a possible release date stated on the Microsoft Store, it’s not official confirmation and dates can be subject to change, so let’s wait on an official announcement before getting ourselves kitted out in the finest doctor coats.

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