Two Worlds II Dev Diary Duece and Stuff

on January 28, 2011 6:45 PM

Two Worlds II Dev Diary Duece and Stuff

Just want to give people a heads up — not like you didn’t already know — but, Two Worlds II is available right now. As far as RPG’s goes, this one is purely satisfying. I’m currently playing as we speak (9.5 hours in) and it feels like I have barely even scratched the surface.

Two Worlds II is running on the GRACE engine, and I must give it up to developer Reality Pump for truly making a visually stunning beautiful open-world game, full of landscapes and brutal and at times extremely hard enemies. There really is a lot you can do within this game. If you don’t like using magic, that’s cool; go play warrior instead or maybe a ranger. What’s that? You don’t like the bow and arrow? Okay, grab that battle axe over and make that Varn meet its maker.

Remember, my full review for Two Worlds II is coming, so be sure to check back soon. For the time being, I want to leave you with el developer’s diary numero duece. If your thinking from the video that this game looks pretty sweet… you are thinking correctly.

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