Type-Moon Announces Fate/stay night 15th Anniversary Book

Fate/Stay Night 15th Anniversary Book includes an interview with Kinoko Nasu and Vanillaware's George Kamitani.

Type-Moon announced a special book for the 15th anniversary of Fate/stay night. The book is titled “Fate/stay night – Tracing 15 years of Type-Moon- Picture Book”. The book will be sold in late March 2020, with no precise release date yet. It’ll probably be announced soon on Twitter. The book will be 3960 Yen (Tax Included).

A Type-Moon 15th-anniversary expo museum is currently being held at Sony Music Roppongi Museum. The museum opened on December 20, 2019, and will last until April 5, 2020. The museum had over 60,000 visitors as of February 14, 2020. This anniversary book will contain content from the museum, as well as brand new exclusive content.

What’s interesting is how the book will include an interview with Kinoko Nasu and George Kamitani. Kinoko Nasu is the main writer of Fate/Grand Order and all the Fate series, Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai, and all the other works forming the Nasuverse. George Kamitani is the President of Vanillaware. The studio mentioned on Twitter that in the book, the two spoke about “what makes games so much fun”, Nasu’s love for Vanillaware games, and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Vanillaware’s latest game (which we’re doing a translated let’s play of on YouTube).

Here are the full details of the book:

Fate/stay night – Tracing 15 years of Type-Moon- Picture Book. 234 full-color pages, A4 size. Table of contents:

  1. 15 Questions and Answers to Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi, from the museum’s Visitor Bonus Booklet
  2. Partial reprint of the 1st visitor bonus booklet Fate/unpublished material
  3. Kinoko Nasu x George Kamitani interview
  4. Takashi Takeuchi interview
  5. Introduction of TYPE-MOON’s history and the works related to Fate/stay night
  6. Introduction of the main characters in Fate/stay night and Fate/hollow ataraxia
  7. “Fate/15th camp”, a special 15th-anniversary manga with a name (rough draft) and composition by Eiichirō Mashin. Participating artists: Azuma Toh, Akira Ishida, Routo Usagi, Kenchi Kei, SasakiShonen, Shinjirô, TAa, Hideo Takenaka, Seijin Takenoko, Taskohna, Kengoro Nishide, Tsubomi Hanabana, Hiroshi Hiroyama, Eiichirō Mashin, robinarobitasu
  8. “Walks Around BRITAIN”, a series of illustrations including TAa’s illustrations
  9. “Curtain Call”, a manga drawn by Nakatani.
  10. Contributed gorgeous illustrations by 24 illustrators
  11. Contributed messages from Mafia Kajita, Akinari Sakagami, Nobu, Bunbunmaru, Ryo Morise, others.

As a reminder, Type-Moon recently opened up a new studio,Type-Moon Studio BB. The studio is led by Kazuya Nino, who used to make the Dragon Quest Builders series at Square Enix. Type-Moon Studio BB announced to be currently working on three new projects, something related to Type-Moon, something related to Nasuverse in a broad way, and something loosely related to the Nasuverse.

Type-Moon also announced a Tsukihime remake long ago but it still has no release date. The sequel to Mahou Tsukai no Yoru is unheard of either.

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