Uber Entertainment Turns to Kickstarter

Uber Entertainment, responsible for games such as Monday Night Combat and Super Monday Combat has turned to Kickstarter in an attempt to convince real-time strategy lovers to help it fund ‘A New Generation RTS’ called ‘Planetary Annihilation‘. Jon Maver (Creative Lead) said in the video-pitch that he doesn’t ‘feel like anyone else is serving the RTS genre’, later going on to say that he wants to see ‘massive battles’ replacing what he deems to be smaller scale strategy games. The video also mentioned that Planetary Annihilation is aiming to be the spiritual successor to Total Annihilation, the RTS title developed by Cavedog Entertainment, which Jon Maver wrote the graphics engine for.

UE’s pitch is definitely one of the more entertaining pitches that has appeared since the influx of gamer-centric Kickstarter campaigns began; even if you aren’t particularly interested in the genre, it is still a humorous and well-crafted video. Planetary Annihilation is certainly a very ambitious project and that is only underlined by the game’s large Kickstater goal of $900,000. UE are clearly hoping to dwarf that number though, as they have already listed several ‘stretchgoals’, which are ‘a number of ideas how to make it even better with a little more funding.’

The veteran team has 29 days left to meet their goal and are already well on their way, having raised over $225,000 so far. Potential backers interested in purchasing the game will need to pledge a minimum of $20 to get the finished game on either PC or Mac.

For all the information regarding Planetary Annihilation, visit UE’s Kickstarter page. You can also watch the entire video-pitch below.

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