Ubisoft’s Boss Talks About the Future of Games with Cloud Gaming, Blockchain and More

Ubisoft’s Boss Talks About the Future of Games with Cloud Gaming, Blockchain and More

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot shares his vision for the future of gaming, involving cloud gaming, giant computers running simulations, blockchain transactions, and more.

Ubisoft just released a brief video shot at ChinaJoy in Shanghai, starring the publisher’s Chief Executive Officer Yves Guillemot (sporting a new snazzy beard) as he talks about his vision for the future of gaming.

Guillemot talks about cloud gaming, mentioning that worlds will be more densely populated and will remain active in the long-term. Games will be a lot more interactive and more persistent with “gigantic computers running the simulations.

Another element is the interface between human and machine, which according to Guillemot, will change the AAA business as everybody will be able to play.

The third element is the use of the Blockchain cryptocurrency that will allow players to create content within games and securely sell it to other players, becoming stakeholders in Ubisoft’s games.

By being able to simulate life while entertaining, Guillemot thinks it will be possible to anticipate what the world will become.

“Players will have the possibility to be immersed in games that are intelligent, that recognize what they do, that will give them more possible interactions with those universes, and the NPCs they will meet. There’s plenty more to come in making those experiences more interactive and more interesting. They will be able to experience those games on their mobile, on their tablet, on any screen. So this is going to give them a chance to participate in the creation of our games, and also have fun.”

You can check the video out below. If you want to learn more about Ubisoft, you can check out our dedicated article explaining the results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2018/2019.